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"The Velvet Skin Centre was recognized inside the year 2014 by Dr. Asma, Greatest Dermatologist in Indira Nagar at Lucknow. The clinic was started out With all the aim to provide planet-class solutions in dermatology as a result of reliable and up-to-date methods for an array of skin and hair regarding all age groups from infants to aged types. Now we have a team of extremely experienced, knowledgeable skin doctor and therapists who allow you to in diagnosing the trouble and coming up with very best-match treatment options. Also, the methods are custom-made According to the person's need. We provide Laser Hair Removing in Lucknow, Hair Transplant in Lucknow, PRP Treatment in Lucknow, Filler Treatment in Lucknow, Acne Scar Removal in Lucknow, Fractional Co2, Hydra Facial."
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PRP Treatment

Hair And Skin Treatments At The Velvet Skin Centre
Our Hair and Skin is Among the most vital portions of our entire body. Hair is generated in the melanin protein of the human body and shields your skin from the granular dust and preserves The body temperature. Whilst Skin builds up much more muscle mass oxygenation which can be the principal Added benefits and next staying the exquisiteness of The body. Individuals generally don’t care for these areas and sooner or later produce the deterioration. To steer clear of the deterioration on the skin, plasma which is the primary fluid in our overall body carries the nutrients by carrying blood cells all through the body. The fluid is recognized for fostering hair follicle operate.

How it really works?

What Are The Treatments Readily available? A person who suffers from your minimal-density hair can retain the hair with the help of Platelet Abundant Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy). It’s the therapy wherein the processed plasma which doesn’t include pink and white cells is injected in the scalp to reinforce The expansion of your hair. Someone is suitable for your PRP therapy if they:

• Don’t drink or smoke usually
• Don’t have any healthcare ailments or disorders like most cancers, platelet dysfunction syndrome, or any chronic skin condition.
• Don’t acquire prescription drugs.
• Don’t use any blood thinners.

The PRP technique is an easy system. The velvet skin centre asks for your medical background, All your family members medical heritage, and retrieve many of the information regarding your hair reduction scenario. Physicians below will take care of the treatment by having blood assessments or perhaps a scalp biopsy to ascertain for those who’re eligible for the treatment. Moreover, while in the even more treatment, the region is marked in which the hair ought to be restored as well as the PRP is injected deep into your scalp. PRP injection Charge is economical to the patients in the Velvet Skin Centre

Why Pick out Us?

The skin rejuvenation really should be performed to improve your skin magnificence. The velvet skin centre rejuvenates the skin and offers the skin a glowing influence. The improvisation with the skin tone, texture, and visual appeal is taken treatment by us. The skin sleek treatment will impression your skin by comprehensive removing of redness, brown places, acne, and any sort of surgical scars.

Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

Laser Hair Reduction On the Velvet Skin Centre Lucknow

For anyone who is a person who employs razors, hair removing creams or tweezers to remove your facial hair but is Weary of this plan, then we within the velvet Skin Centre have just the perfect Option for yourself. Facial hair elimination has gotten a lot a lot easier and all thanks to the laser hair removing treatment. This facial hair elimination for women course of action is finding far more typical via the working day and is usually the most beneficial facial hair removal method which will help you get rid of your facial hair with no large amount of inconvenience.

Exactly what are The Treatments Readily available?

Laser hair removing treatments concentrate on your hair follicles. The pigment current in These follicles absorbs the light As a result, getting rid of the hair. It is possible to Choose this process for higher lip hair removal together with your chin hair elimination. This procedure is not merely restricted to at least one particular location but assists you eradicate your facial hair entirely. The precision with which this permanent hair removing technique performs is interesting. The laser targets the area which demands hair removal and will get rid of it devoid of causing any harm to the skin. So, you don’t have to worry about the what-ifs that continue to keep popping in and out of the Mind. If in case you are setting up on going through a laser treatment to remove your facial hair, then it is best to control your waxing, making use of of hair removing creams, threading your experience, etc for six weeks prior to your laser treatment. This is recommended because the laser targets your hair roots, which if you keep getting rid of making use of other hair removing products will not be probable.It's also recommended that you steer clear of likely out from the sun an excessive amount of all over again 6 months prior to your treatment is because of start. This really is done due to the fact Solar exposure could make laser hair elimination fewer powerful. The Sunshine exposure could also complicate your treatment. Therefore, in order to avoid these kinds of an ordeal, we suggest that you do not phase out during the sun a minimum of 6 months before your laser hair removing treatment.Laser hair elimination experience is probably considered one of the simplest and the most pain-free ways of finding rid of unwanted facial hair. This long term facial hair removal treatment normally takes approximately 3-seven sessions for full hair removal. Why Choose Us?On the other hand, it is best proposed that you choose to discuss this issue with whoever is in control of administering your hair removal treatment. The laser hair removal Price tag isn't likely to burn a hole inside your pocket as it is very cost efficient. Also, if you do not know wherever to go in your hair removal treatment, and you want to learn about “laser hair removing near me”, The Velvet Skin Centre is here that can assist you out.


Piercing Within the Velvet Skin Centre Lucknow

Ear piercing- it’s a eternally trend! Don’t Additionally you crave for it? Certainly, you should be. Beside the ritual and scientific beliefs, men and women love to get their ear/nose pierced to change their In general appearance and glance elegant! You can find huge selections and styles of piercing, but the only real that restricts men and women would be the discomfort and Uncomfortable side effects associated with it. But, due to technological innovation, It's not at all a major issue anymore!

We, on the Velvet Skin Centre, present Risk-free and pain-free ear/nose piercing solutions in Delhi utilizing the “most ground breaking aseptic strategy” for ear piercing, i.e, the Inverness Piercing technique. This method is Light, rapid and supply précised final results to both equally Adult males and women. In reality, it can be a greater choice for ear piercing in the event of Little ones, because they may have delicate skin and less suffering tolerance power.

Our ear/nose piercing program is a complete bundle of all the things needed for an efficient piercing. It features a excellent piercing stud within a sterilized cartridge, a hygienic cleaning swab, a disposable piercing instrument, silicon clutch, an antiseptic Remedy bottle and instrument sheet.

How We complete Ear and Nose piercing?

With extremely Innovative ear piercing tools, our experts make certain that you practical experience a safe, almost suffering free of charge ear (or nose) piercing in South Delhi. First of all, the ear area that has to be pierced is cleaned utilizing the Liquor swab from both the front and back aspect. Then, a mark is created around the ear Together with the Iodine based surgical marking pen, which can be no longer than the usual pinhead. The sterile seal with the Inverness cassette is removed in order to take out the cartridge.

The ear piercing capsule is saved in to the piercing instrument and put round the ear this sort of that the ear is in the slot in the capsule. The unit is squeezed gently and slowly until the tip of the interior capsule comes in contact with the marked dot, after which grasped firmly to make certain that the earring goes totally throughout the ear and have connected to the security clutch. The system is, at last, taken off and you receive superbly pierced ear. Very same process is used for nose and next ear piercing. To get the benefits of the modern ear piercing technique in Delhi/NCR, go to DermaClinix now!

Exactly what are the key benefits of our Piercing technique?

Uncomplicated, Mild & Brief: We make use of a hand pressurized instrument rather than a spring loaded gun for ear piercing. So, the earring is not shot at, but is gently moved into your ear. It truly is brief, précised and noiseless, which enable it to be particular that the person receiving the piercing (such as youngsters) doesn't get stress and damage.

Secure: The ear piercing at our clinic is safe; no infection might be expert. Completely encapsulated sterile, hypoallergenic piercing earrings are packed in a cassette with personal compartments, making sure that they do not reduce their sterility until finally the gasoline permeable seal will not be opened.

Exact effects: For proper placement, an iodine based surgical marking pen is used to mark the place around the ear prior to the piercing. When done, the ear is retained among the gaps over the piercing instrument and palm force is used Carefully. This permits the piercer to pin stage the exact locale wherever the piercing needs to be done.
A lot less Therapeutic Time:The typical healing time for ear piercing is nearly six months. We advise to comply with proper eye piercing aftercare Recommendations to enjoy superior benefits. We provide a bottle of antiseptic Option containing Benzalkonium Chloride, which isn't going to sting, burn off or chap the skin and so, assists in suitable healing.

Uncomplicated to Remove & Swap: We suggest the clients to stay with precisely the same earring till the healing period of time, Because the freshly pierced ears are very delicate. If you take out the earring through this time period, the hole could shut or you might locate it tough to re-insert the earring. And for taking away the earring, we propose to wait for a minimum of 24 hrs. If you try to eliminate the earring just after the technique, you may perhaps face moderate bleeding.

Stylish & At ease: We've an unlimited selection of Inverness Piercing studs. Which means you may select the earring style and design According to your selection!

Lasting Makeup

Long-lasting Makeup At The Velvet Skin Centre Lucknow

Many of us want perfectly formed eyebrows and Attractive pink lips from the time we awaken each morning and all day extended without the inconvenience of retouching the makeup and reapplying the lipstick.
Semi-permanent make-up is taken into account micro-pigmentation, it is fairly similar to obtaining a tattoo. A needle is applied to place pigmented granules in the specified spot beneath the upper layers with the skin. It's:

• Smudgeproof
• Smearproof
• Waterproof

The course of action is almost painless, to reduce pain we use a hugely successful topical anesthetic product before the method.

Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading is really an embroidery of smaller, precise strokes that mimic the effect of real hairs, and utilizes a Distinctive microblading pen to separately attract on the strokes. Unsurprisingly, the method’s unparalleled natural finish has built its acceptance skyrocket in latest months.

It's rapidly turning out to be a very fashionable method among our clientele. Ordinarily, patients who would like to get Microblading in Delhi and Gurgaon clinics talk to our doctor about the different pre and put up-process Recommendations. Girls who are inclined to own scanty eyebrows and who wish thicker ones are likely to appreciate this course of action.

Techniques on the treatment

1. Consultation While using the Health professionals allows you ascertain the shape of the eyebrow you need and what condition would match your face.
2. We implement a numbing cream for thirty mins to forty five mins.
3. Depending upon the hair texture and colour we choose the colour with the ink for microblading.
4. Following eradicating the numbing cream, we clean up the realm with spirit swab.
5. We attract the outline of your eyebrows According to the calculated measurements.
6. Strokes are then given while in the direction on the hair in several elements of the eyebrow.
7. Following the process, an antibiotic product is applied.

Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair Transplant Treatments Within the Velvet Skin Centre Lucknow
Hair is probably the important parts of the body which boosts your splendor. But as we go down to the age timeline, our hairline recedes and leads to baldness. To revive your attractiveness and instill The arrogance once again, you need to remedy the baldness. Hair transplant or hair substitution is essential to instill The arrogance all over again. For the Velvet Skin Centre we choose obligation to heal the baldness. The method employed by our clinic is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). This method is considered the most most popular strategy in the field of hair transplant. In the case of FUE, there's no visible scarring even you might have short hair.

What exactly are The Treatments Accessible?

The hair transplant treatment by FUE is simple and productive. Our team of Physicians will shave the again aspect within your scalp. Later, they may remove hair follicles one by one which gained’t grief you in ache. The aspect can get healed with the granular dots. The dots can get included by your current hair. Your taken off hair follicle is break up into 500 to 2,000 grafts. Following the grafts preparing, your bald area is numbed. A surgeon will simply Skin Doctor in Lucknow create a hole or slit the scalpel and position the grafts one by one The hair transplant for women or Gentlemen follows exactly the same treatment. Within the Velvet Skin Centre the FUE hair transplant Price tag is Value-helpful. It gained’t burn up a gap within your pocket. But will definitely transcend your search of gone hair to fantastic hair. FUE hair transplant procedure typically takes 4-5 hours. The treatment is procured for the start as well as the Sophisticated hair loss. It is the most Innovative hair substitution treatment. Consequently, we at Glance Good Young clinic want to obtain the finest out from the technology and blossom your life With all the pain-free treatment.

Why Pick out Us?

In the course of FUE hair transplant, There's a minimum ache in the course of the treatment and provides a normal looking hairline. Our The Velvet Skin Centre includes experts who definitely have labored for quite some time in the field. So, the baldness heal procedure might be a hassle-absolutely free treatment.

Filler Treatment

Filler Treatment In the Velvet Skin Centre Lucknow
As our deal with ages, it undergoes four key insults: (The four D’s with the Getting older Confront)

1. Deflation – loss of quantity from our Fats compartments, e.g. physical appearance of strains beneath the attention, the cheek loses quantity and so forth. There exists a loss of volume from the Fats compartments in addition to shifting of those compartments.

2. Tissue deterioration – the skin undergoes a battering as a consequence of environmental insults such as smoke, air pollution, dust and our individual habits resulting in lack of elasticity and visual appearance of good strains and dehydrated skin.

3. Descent – As talked about previously mentioned the shifting of Extra fat compartments and lack of elasticity causes a “sagging encounter” and visual appearance of jowls and down-turning with the mouth corners among other items.

4. Disproportion – The aforementioned changes result in a disproportionate experience and loss of balance and harmony of the facial area.

Exactly what are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers, in truth, is usually a misnomer, they are actually soft tissue fillers or what is healthier generally known as fillers for tender tissue augmentation. Fillers are in essence manufactured from Hyaluronic acid (aka HAF’s – Hyaluronic Acid Fillers) that is An important and organic element of our skin and when this hyaluronic acid is synthetically processed and undergoes specific technological adjustments (converted to your gel variety) its life in the skin will increase as does its capability to gauge drinking water. Article administration the HAF’s assistance attain aid, re-inflate the deflated facial Excess fat compartments, right tissue hydration by gauging h2o bringing about a supple skin and elevate the confront thereby addressing the descent and disproportion.

There are actually many styles/ranges of soft tissue fillers which might be selected following a radical facial analysis, counselling, and knowledge of affected individual’s objectives and motivations. e.g. A weighty or more sturdy filler maybe useful for a raise on the midface or for contouring the jawline as well as a lighter filler possibly employed for addressing strains beneath the eye and hydrating the facial skin to present a radiant and supple glance.

Why Dermal Fillers?

The hyaluronic acid fillers are the most often used soft tissue fillers, as They are really considered the safest, are non-permanent and are dissolvable. HAF’s are globally The most commonly performed aesthetic treatments as per the American Society of plastic medical procedures (ASPS) data of 2015. The reason for the recognition of fillers is because of the following factors:

1. Non-Surgical and NO downtime – Dermal fillers treatment is often a non-surgical treatment with minimum downtime. Individuals can resume their perform correct after the technique, which typically normally takes not more than thirty min.

2. Pain-free – Smooth tissue fillers are available in pre-filled syringes and they are reconstituted While using the area anesthetic In order to provide minimum irritation into the client.

3. Longevity – The influence commonly lasts wherever amongst nine-eighteen months depending upon the item chosen for treatment.

4. Basic safety – At Veya Aesthetics we only use goods which have gone through stringent clinical trials and have basic safety facts supporting them. There is not any compromise on the standard. HAF’s have extensive security knowledge supporting their use worldwide.

5. Dissolvable – If a patient is dissatisfied with the outcome and wish to reverse the results, it is feasible. This has become the principal motives guiding the raising recognition and need of this process.

Locations for being Handled

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (HAF’s) can be utilized for males and women, beauty and therapeutic causes and maybe administered to most age teams. There is absolutely no particular small or maximal age for your procedure. The individual going through treatment ought to Preferably be earlier mentioned eighteen years In order to provide his/her informed consent or if fewer than 18 ought to be accompanied by a parent so that you can think about the treatment for more therapeutic factors.

Well-known Cosmetic treatments for Women

– Periorbital region – The area around the eye region may be the earliest to age plus the one particular Together with the thinnest skin. The growing older round the eye occurs resulting from weakening of specific ligaments and shifting of fat pads bringing about sunken eyes, dim circles, great traces as well as the tear trough or line extending from your interior side of the eye (near the nose) towards the mid cheek and occasionally all by means of to the other aspect of the attention. These modifications may be accompanied by puffiness within the eyes too. HAF’s may help to suitable most of the earlier mentioned-mentioned troubles and can lead to a more satisfying physical appearance to the region across the eye.

Dr. Rajat believes that “treatment of the beneath-eye area requires to generally be treated by a certified Qualified as this region has critical buildings and a thorough understanding of the facial anatomy is important with the injector.” Owning said that a well-accomplished work is highly satisfactory with the client plus the injector.

– Mid Deal with and cheek contouring – A large cheek bone in addition to a fuller cheek are desirable inside a woman face. Restoration in the Ogee Curve (This really is architectural form consisting of the concave arc flowing into a convex arc, creating an S-shaped curve) with fillers is a popular treatment and is commonly asked for by individuals.

– Lip plumping, definition and enhancement – “Enhancement of the lip, demands crucial attention to depth as This can be the only Component of the experience the place even a minimal asymmetry may perhaps seem extraordinary”, says Dr. Asma Parveen. This is a treatment much more typically requested for by youthful persons. Dr. Asma has his protocol of supplying essential definition and some volume as a way to keep the harmony to the rest of the facial area. Provision of hydration to your lips can even be completed for people with excessively dry lips.

Other treatments for women

– Nasolabial folds / Smile lines – The nasolabial folds had been at a single position of your time a really typically handled sign but ever since the target has shifted on the 3-dimensional beautification in the confront and restoring contours on the experience, the cheek is taken care of first followed by the nasolabial folds or smile traces. The theory is not to over deal with the nasolabial folds and give an unnatural overall look into the encounter.

– Marionette lines – These are generally traces which seem on the corner on the mouth and give the appearance of a downturned mouth or impart a tragic look towards the confront. These lines are tough to efface in severe instances, along with other treatments such as neurotoxin for your lower face is put together to impart the most beneficial benefits.

– Chin reshaping – Indians ethnically have a little recessed chins, and addressing this element of the facial area presents equilibrium for their now beautiful faces. Dr. Asma adapts the six-stage chin reshape, a technique innovated by Dr. Asma.

– Jaw contouring – A chiseled jawline is appealing for not merely women but even males. Dr. Asma combines the chin reshape with jawline contouring and neurotoxin for your neck and lessen face to present a “Liquid Neck Raise” to the face. This is a method patients love and procedure necessitates minimal downtime that is increasing its popularity.

– Some others such as temporal quantity restoration, brow lifting, fines traces round the mouth are treatments which maybe questioned for by women in particular.

Popular Beauty treatments for guys

A standard query of most Guys coming in for aesthetic processes is they don’t desire to glimpse “built up”, “synthetic” or “feminine” – Dr. Asma helps make sure a conservative technique is followed for male patients immediately after being familiar with their motives and aims for treatment. The reasoning should be to keep the masculinity in the face and nonetheless increase the characteristics for your fresher and more youthful glimpse to your deal with.

– Mid experience – the male face has a lot more anterior projection and an angulation into the reduced encounter. This is typically completed to restore lost volume for the mid confront and acquiring rid from the static strains inside the mid facial area, such as Those people beneath the eyes as well as nasolabial folds which impart an aged glance for the facial area. As described above, Dr. Asma thinks in softening the strains rather than erasing them, as some lines improve the look of a handsome male encounter and impart knowledge.

– Chin and jawline contouring – A male jawline is chiseled with a rather broader angle to your jaw plus a broader chin giving an authoritative glimpse to the encounter. This is usually realized with the help of fillers together with neurotoxin.

– Frown traces – Commonly tackled with fillers and neurotoxin treatment for long-lasting and ideal success.

– Other treatments are forehead reshaping and region round the eyes which are tackled for that male face.

Other locations qualified with HAF’s

Hands – the rejuvenation on the arms is sometimes questioned for by patients – this will likely be asked for by Individuals who have dry skin and old seeking fingers.

Neck and decolletage – they are other regions which can appear rejuvenated with fillers, particularly when combined with neurotoxin treatment or threads.

Do’s and Dont’s

• Stay away from environmentally friendly tea or eco-friendly tea health supplements ahead of and post-course of action.

• Avoid blood thinners pre and publish method (chances are you'll talk about this with your doctor) in order to lessen probabilities of bruising e.g. aspirin, warfarin and so forth.

• No deep massages/ facials write-up method for forty eight several hours.

• Steer clear of weighty exercise to the day of treatment (post process).

Hyaluronic acid fillers are usually coupled with other treatments for most effective outcomes, Also, they kind an integral A part of Dr. Asma method too. In the Velvet Skin Centre, it’s normally our endeavor and practice not to compromise on the caliber of products and solutions used for these techniques and only use goods supported by stable clinical and experimental proof.

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